Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids That Work!

Hemorrhoids can be very difficult to deal with for some individuals. They can be very itchy and painful, and in some cases can cause extreme pain, making every day tasks impossible.

While there are many over-the-counter medications available, some definitely work better than others, and many people want to use safe home remedies for hemorrhoid treatment.

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The following home remedies for hemorrhoids have been shown to help treat them and relieve swelling, pain and itching.

Aloe Vera for Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoid treatment aloeMost people are familiar with Aloe Vera as a treatment for burns, and it’s an excellent one at that. Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory and for the same reasons it helps burns, it helps to treat hemorrhoids.

Individuals can use the Aloe straight from the plant or can use 100% pure Aloe Vera gel. Simply apply a small amount of Aloe to the anal opening (externally only) after a bath or when hemorrhoids are particularly painful or irritating.

The Aloe will help relieve the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids and can help relieve the swelling.


Vinegar for Hemorrhoids

Vinegar is another treatment that is great for many different conditions, including hemorrhoids. Because of it’s astringent properties, vinegar helps reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, which causes the pain and itching to be reduced.

Simply dip a cotton swab into vinegar and rub it onto the hemorrhoids directly to help relieve the pain and itching.

Individuals can also add vinegar to a warm bath before sitting in the water and allowing the vinegar to help in that manner.


Potatoes for Hemorrhoids

Potatoes have astringent properties that can help reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids and help relieve the pain and itching. For severe attacks, skin and grate a potato, and place the pulp onto the affected area. This is obviously a cure not for the faint of heart! But it works and it’s completely natural. And it’s really perfect if someone else is going to be looking at your bum, like if you’re going to get a male Brazilian wax or you’re gay and have a special date that night.

It can be left on the area for about fifteen minutes before removing and rinsing.

A helpful tip is to chill the grated potato for about fifteen to twenty minutes before applying.

The cool potato can soothe the area as well as help reduce the swelling to stop the pain and itching. It’s one of the most effective home remedies for hemorrhoids.


Diet Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

An individual’s diet has a large impact on hemorrhoids and whether they develop or how severe they get.

First and foremost, lots of vitamin C can be very helpful in preventing hemorrhoids or helping reduce the seriousness of hemorrhoids. Eat plenty of citrus fruit and other vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C to tone and strengthen blood vessels. And if you can’t get enough natural vitamin C, then look to a supplement. Try as they have a lot of great all-natural vitamins.

Take advantage of prunes as well, to soften stools and help decrease the strain and pressure on the body. A few prunes a day can help with this. Individuals should also drink plenty of water to ensure that the body is able to flush toxins effectively and to keep the digestion process going strong.


How Losing Weight Can Help Hemorrhoids

Lose weight to cure hemorrhoids. One of the main problems when it comes to hemorrhoids is weight. Individuals who are overweight or obese are more likely to have problems with hemorrhoids, due to the strain that’s on their bodies.

Losing weight (even a few pounds) can help relieve the strain on the body and relieve hemorrhoids.

Individuals should try to exercise for at least fifteen minutes, two to three times a day.

Eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables can also be helpful for losing weight, and for building the immune system and helping keep the body regular.


Move Around Frequently

Do not keep working for long timeMany individuals who work at desks or whose work requires them to sit for extended periods of time (or stand for extended periods of time) will benefit by taking a break frequently.

Stand up, (or sit down) move around, stretch, and let the strain on the body be relieved before returning to the original position.

This can help relieve strain on certain parts of the body which can help prevent hemorrhoids and help avoid causing more hemorrhoid problems.

Finding more comfortable chairs can also help those who have to sit for long periods of time.


Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids

Witch Hazel for HemorrhoidsWitch Hazel is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids, and works to reduce swelling, shrinking the hemorrhoids.

This in turn helps reduce the pain and itching of hemorrhoids. Simply soak a cotton ball in Witch Hazel two to three times per day and place it on the affected area for five to ten minutes.

Witch hazel is also often added to warm bath water to help shrink the swelling while the individual bathes. Witch hazel is a great treatment option because it’s very gentle, much like vinegar or Aloe Vera.


Ice for Hemorrhoids

To relieve the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids, ice can be used to both soothe the area and restrict the blood flow to the area, which reduces swelling. This can help relieve the pain and itching as well.

Crushed ice in a ziploc bag works best, and individuals can simply sit on the bag to help relieve the pain.

There are many different options individuals have to treat their hemorrhoids at home.

One of the best home remedies for hemorrhoids is Venapro, a supplement designed to help heal hemorrhoids and reduce pain, swelling and itching that often occur with the condition.

Individuals who have tried these methods with no results should consult with their physician to determine whether there are other conditions irritating the hemorrhoids or whether a stronger treatment is needed to deal with hemorrhoids.