Quell Wearable Pain Relief

Quell Pain Relief Reviews (updated for 2019)

Why I am Writing this Quell Pain Relief Review

This is a story very dear to our hearts. A very close friend of ours, who is now 45, went from a very active lifestyle, to almost entirely bed ridden in what seemed to his family and loved ones, almost overnight.

Over the past 3 years we watched our friend go from a hardworking contractor, devoted husband and father of 3 boys, and avid outdoors man, to struggling just to get from one room to another in his own home.

It was a painful ordeal to those of us on the outside of his family, looking in, however, we could not ever imagine the pain his wife and 3 boys went through during this very tough time.

Our friend, was diagnosed with Sciatica, which apparently had been caused by an old lower back injury he had sustained when he was still in his late teens.

He has said, it started when he began noticing that when his right leg began tingling late in the day, and then, “feeling as if it where going to sleep”.

He has told us, that at first, he was more annoyed by the sensation in leg, then he was bothered by it, and that a good night’s rest, would find the numbness in his leg gone by morning.

He did not become really worried about the symptoms until he began feeling sharp sudden pains which radiated from his lower back and down his leg, and then followed by the numbness and burning sensation.

Diagnosis Chronic Sciatica

Seeking answers, he spoke with his doctor about his pain, and after doing a series of “bends and twists”, his doctor immediately put our hardworking friend on bed rest and scheduled him for an MRI and followed by an electromyogram.

At this point he was diagnosed with chronic sciatica, stemming from a prior lumbar back injury which had occurred years prior. From this point onward, I can remember it seemed like it was a toss up if my good friend was able to work, or do anything outside of resting at home.

Month after month his pain got worse and worse, to a point that sometimes he was unable to walk from one room to another.

Conventional Treatments & Pain Management

Following his diagnosis, he went through a series of pain treatments and prescription drugs, the doctors were seemingly trying to find the right combination of drugs, therapy and devices to keep our friend as comfortable and physically capable as possible.

Some of these things treatments had limited potential, while others failed or in the case of many of the pain killing drugs only helped in the very short term.

The physical pain and deterioration, led into depression and suicidal thoughts.

Our friend found a bit of relief, using a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulators), however awkward, he could to some extent manage getting around, although limited. His doctors performed surgery in attempt to relieve the nerve compression at the damaged lumbar vertebrae in his back.

This surgery was somewhat of a success by, taking away some of the length and intensity of his pain, but not at all the miracle answer to his problems everyone was hoping and praying for.

The Search For Alternative Treatment

All the while his loving wife had been scouring information online and purchasing this vitamin, and this machine and that machine. She took him to an acupuncturist in hopes of finding anything that would help her husband.

No one has an exact accounting on how much was spent on alternative treatment and gimmicks, but it is easily in the tens of thousands of dollars. While searching online she came across Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology.

This appeared to be just another TENS unit. Reading through the information, and various endorsements and reviews, she decided to make the $249.00 purchase figuring she will be returning the unit when it did not really relieve her husbands pain.

Much Better, Not Perfect

The Quell unit arrived, and both were surprised that the unit simply wrapped around one calf. They were thinking, there is no way this will do much of anything, and for about 3 weeks they were right.

They left the Quell unit on as the instructions stated for at least 6 hours a day, every day, and at about the middle of the third week, my friend noticed that although there was still pain, it had become much less intense.

He seemed to be able to move around a bit more freely. He was doing, little by little, more and more activities that he once enjoyed.

I remember how he was so pleased with himself the first time in months he was able to walk out of his house, get in his truck, and drive himself wherever he wanted again. You began to see his happiness, and self-worth being returned to his life.

The Quell Unit did not solve all of our friend’s problems. He says he still has some numbness and ongoing pain. Some days he feels great, while others he still struggles, but the days of struggle are by far fewer now.

Most of the time, our friend is back out on the job site, or out fishing and camping with his boys. Chronic sciatica has slowed him down a lot, but the Quell Unit has kept it from stopping him completely.

How Does Quell Work?

quell app and gearHow does Quell Unit Work?In lay terms, the Quell Unit works like a TENS Unit, as it has an electrode which produces a mild electrical stimulation to the nerve which helps block the pain registry to the brain.

This usually takes multiple treatments in order to work, although some people have claimed significant results during the first treatment.

Does The Quell Treatment Hurt?

If you have ever used a TENS Unit before then you definitely know how the Quell Unit feels while it is at work. If not, you may feel some minor stinging in the area of the electrode, some have some mild redness. There is an intensity setting you can adjust higher or lower to suit your own comfort. Most feel a very mild spasm as the unit delivers a small electrical pulse. One word of caution from my own TENS unit experience, always makes sure the electrode is securely attached to the skin, you can also help this by applying a tiny splotch of electrode gel.

Quell Intelligent Technology

Quell Unit AppQuell has done a fantastic job of integrating today’s technology into it’s product. They have developed a very cool app which tracks you pain management treatment and can also alert you to changes in the weather which may affect your pain.

With the app (optional) users able to calibrate the Quell Unit, start and stop therapy, track usage and progress, and optimize dosage.

The app can not only track your pain management progress, it has the ability to track other factors such as sleep, activity and gait. The app can also be set to automatically adjust the unit during certain changes in weather.

Is Quell Clinically Tested, Doctor Recommended?

According to their website, Quell has been clinically proven that 4 out of 5 users have experienced an improvement in their chronic pain. 81% of users report an improvement in their chronic pain, and 67% reported a reduction in pain medication use.

According to the Quell website. Doctors recommend neurostimulation to treat chronic pain without drugs. Quell is the only OTC pain relief device that is FDA cleared for use while you sleep.

Quell has been reported to do a terrific job treating pain related to chronic sciatica, but users have also reported that the Quell unit can treat other chronic pain ailments such as arthritis, chronic back, leg, foot, nerve and joint pain and more.

Quell has stated that even though the diagnosis and the damage may be of the same circumstances, not all users will respond the same, to the same treatment. Effectiveness really depends on the individual.

Quell Features & Specs

100% Drug Free Pain Relief

Doctor recommended; designed for people with back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain

  • In a clinical study, 4 out of 5 users reported improvement in chronic pain, FDA cleared for 24/7 use, even while sleeping
  • Bluetooth connected smartphone app allows you to customize therapy and track sleep, pain & activity
  • Designed to be worn all day- lightweight and rechargeable
  • Commit to using Quell daily for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with your level of relief, contact Quell for a full refund


  • Item model number: QE-SYZ
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.24 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds